VOICES--Local governments in California's cities and counties are to blame for delaying housing development—rather than state environmental law, according to a new study.

VOICES--"If you're not catching flak you know you are not over the target" is a saying which apparently originated from WWII pilots, who could tell they were over the target if they could see and feel the antiaircraft fire.  

VOICES--This was one of a few letters sent to LAPD OIG, and CIVIL GRAND JURY after Beck berated a captain in front of the media. 136.1 PC - Intimidating a witness, and LAPD Vol 1/273 intimidating a wit who gave info to the OIG.  

420 FILE--Under the newly passed resolution, no city department, agency or employee “shall use any city funds or resources to assist in the enforcement of federal drug laws related to cannabis.”

VOICES--Dear Eve and CD7: At tonight's Sunland-Tujunga Neighborhood Council meeting you answered a question from the audience incorrectly in front of a moderately sized audience of Neighborhood Council members and stakeholders. When asked why the Councilmember had not yet met with the SAFE Coalition you tried to say she had by meeting with several individuals. I viewed the Councilmember answer a similar question in a similar fashion in front of a gang deterrence audience a few months ago. (Photo above: Councilmember Rodriguez center.) 

VOICES--The state parole board continues its reckless policy of early release for violent felons. We previously documented some examples of the parole board's dangerous trend of ignoring public safety when labeling inmates to be released early as "not a danger" to the public. 

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