CORRUPTION WATCH-In the U.S., the term Fourth Estate means the media. The first three estates are the three branches of government -- the Executive, the Legislative and the Judicial.

TACTLESS IN SF--Editor’s Note:On Tuesday, April 17, SB 827 died in the California State Senate Transportation and Housing Committee by a 7-4 vote.

D.C. DISPATCH-Taking over Henry Waxman’s job is no easy undertaking.

CORRUPTION WATCH-Corruption is dishonest or fraudulent conduct by individuals in power, typically involving bribery. “Corruptionism” denotes a system, be it political, economic or social. There are tons of “isms” -- Capitalism, Communism, Socialism, etc., and the one most near and dear to Angelenos: “Garcettism.” 

PRESENT TENSE--The most controversialstate housing bill in recent memory died with a pretty resounding thud.

ALPERN AT LARGE--Despite the attempts of sneaky and agenda-driven idiots, ideologues, and creepy developers to ruin the good that transportation does for an economy, and for civilization, we're now getting into the BORING, the TUNNELING portion of our mass/rapid transit efforts for 21st-Century Los Angeles.

GELFAND’S WORLD--I had heard about the fight over Yosemite naming rights, but you have to see it to really feel it. In previous years, visitors arriving through the southern entrance would pass the Wawona Hotel.

AT LENGTH-Fresh from milking political cows in Iowa, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti on April 16 gave his annual State of the City address at City Hall.

EASTSIDER-Mayor Garcetti got ahead of a critical vote by the Metropolitan Water District over the Delta Tunnels, aka WaterFix, with his very own Daily Newsarticle about a New Mulholland moment. If you believe his tale, I know where the Tooth Fairy lives. 

President Donald Trump attacked California on Thursday for doing what he and his administration asked it to do: agreeing to deploy state National Guard members to help the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency.

ALPERN AT LARGE--To many of us who remembered the dream of more responsive Los Angeles city government with respect to transportation and planning, and who remember the push for Neighborhood Councils and Neighborhood Plans, the year 2016 is part of an interesting turning point with respect to how Mayor Eric Garcetti and other City Hall officials chose to work with their citizens. 

GUEST COMMENTARY-Every Neighborhood Council has experienced it: Bad advice from the City Attorney. Conflicting advice from the City Attorney. No training from DONE. Scolding from DONE.

Well, enough is enough.

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