BCK FILE--With all the discussion about the important midterm elections, the June primaries likely haven’t been on top of your mind till now. You’ve likely been seeing campaign ads roll out in what should be a brisk gubernatorial primary race to replace Gov. Jerry Brown who is termed out of office, per the State Constitution. 

CAL MATTERS-What kinds of agreements has the next governor of California made with interest groups that sway decisions in the state Capitol? 

SKID ROW, DTLA-Last week, Mayor Eric Garcetti’s State of the City address focused a great deal on creating shelters across the City to house thousands of needy homeless people. While at face value it may sound like a good thing, a deeper probe uncovers numerous harsh realities. 

AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL—Just when the Trumpster had you convinced that Americans had lost that touch of humility that once accompanied its braggadocio, along comes a life altering crisis and an airplane full of heroes … and humility. Gives us pause. Maybe our DNA hasn’t been totally rewritten. Maybe there is hope. Take a look.  Let me know what you think.

CONFRONTING BIAS-Starbucks scheduled anti-racism training in response to a recent incident, but their inclusion of the Anti-Defamation League in the training provoked another outcry.

DEEGAN ON LA—Koreatown is about to get a wake-up call that may have plenty of people talking when it becomes the stage upon which Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas, among the most acclaimed architects in the world, showcases his attention-getting work.

CORRUPTION WATCH-Goldilocks knew the answer to LA’s problems. When the porridge was too hot or too cold, she passed on it. When she tried the three chairs and the first two were too big, she settled on the third chair which was just right. Wanting to take a nap, she tried one bed and it was too hard. The next bed was too soft, but the third was just right. 

GUEST WORDS--California’s transportation future is bright. In every area of transportation innovation, California-based companies are leading the way.

EDUCATION POLITICS--Ref Rodriguez appears in court today to delay answering for felony charges related to campaign money laundering.  He has complicatedlegal problemsthat collectively beg the question of whya gentleman of such alleged moral turpitude should retain his school board seat. (Photo above: Ref Rodriguez, center.) 

TRUTH IN SATIRE--Reports out of Washington on Monday suggest that Donald Jr., Ivanka, and Eric Trump will flip on their father in the next few days in exchange for clemency in the sentencing phase of the Mueller probe.

EDUCATION POLITICS-Under District rules, every charter that is submitted to the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) for approval must contain District Required Language (DRL). Some of this language simply ensures that the charter conforms to the California Education Code. Other sections cover requirements specific to the LAUSD, like conforming to the Chanda Smith Modified Consent Decree.

GUEST COMMENTARY--On Monday, Mayor Garcetti gave his State of the City speech in the People’s Hall, City Council Chambers. 

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