420 FILE--On Monday the Los Angeles Department of Cannabis Regulations (DCR), Executive Director Cat Packer presented to the City Council Budget and Finance Committee made up of Council Members; Chair Paul Krekorian, Mitch Englander, Paul Koretz, Bob Blumenfield and Mike Bonin in consideration of the Mayor’s Budget for the fiscal year 2018-19.  Councilmembers focused on two areas; Enforcement and Cannabis applications. 

GELFAND’S WORLD--During the 2016 election campaign, conservatives made a big deal about political correctness.

PLATKIN ON PLANNING-From the cloistered offices of academia, to the closed-door meetings at City Hall, from the talking heads of the mainstream media, to the astroturf organizations fronting for real estate speculators, we have been offered a simplistic and wholly bogus take on the housing crisis.

CRIME POLITICS--Comedian Bill Cosbywas found guilty on Thursday on three felony counts of aggravated indecent assault by a Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, jury. 

ALPERN AT LARGE--I ended my last CityWatch column calling all adults (including JFK Democrats and Reagan Republicans):  Retake your liberalism before it's too late!   

TRANSIT TALK-The news about air pollution is not good. It is increasing worldwide and in Los Angeles.   

POT POLITICS-Lobbyists in slick pinstriped suits and burly veterans with tattooed arms crowded into a Capitol hearing room this week as lawmakers considered a bill to make it easier for Californians to buy legal marijuana.

EASTSIDER-Recently I caught up with a friend, Caroline Aguirre, and boy did she have some interesting things to say about our latest professional Latino politician, Wendy Carrillo (D-AD 51). Caroline attended a meet and greet held in Eagle Rock on April 14 and got an earful. 

EASTSIDER-Sometimes god just hands you the perfect juxtaposition of events that crystallize the state of our United States of America today. The overlap of the Milken Institute’s Global Conference (April 29 - May 2) with labor’s annual May Day (May 1) celebration is such an event. 

CAL MATTERS-California lawmakers are speaking up about sexual harassment and pushing to make it easier for victims to take their stories public.

420 FILE--On Wednesday, the CA Assembly Labor and Employment Committee approved a bill to end employment discrimination against workers who use medical cannabis to treat a disability or medical condition.

FLAWED LAW-The necessity of the "Reducing Crime and Keeping California Safe Act of 2018" continues to be demonstrated by the early release of violent inmates under Prop 57. The initiative will fix one flaw of Prop 57, which purported to release only "non-violent" inmates while deliberately failing to define which crimes qualified as "non-violent."

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