RANTZ & RAVEZ-I attended the LAPD Mounted Unit open house last Saturday at their headquarters near Griffith Park and listened to the mounted unit officers discuss their unique and specialized ability to ride a horse in a major metropolitan city with traffic congestion, pedestrians and other serious hazards. The expertise of these mounted officers is impressive, to say the least. The well-trained and experienced officers and horses serve an important function in crowd control during special events and in patrolling high crime areas. When you see the mounted officers, stop and let them know you appreciate their service. 

NC PROVIDES A REAL VOICE FOR COMMUNITY--Neighborhood Councils who count strategic, long-term thinkers among their members can be important players in regional and local land use and transportation matters – both on their own and as partners with other community leaders and organizations.

@THE GUSS REPORT-The “free” in freedom of speechcan come with a costly price tag when those who exercise it mistakenly assume it is limitless and without repercussions. 

ALPERN AT LARGE--If this topic weren't so frequently raised by community and educational leaders, it wouldn't be so boring (and yet so timely).  We hear about the Millennials being so poorly prepared for the real world, and so unable to be independent, but it could be easily stated that theirs is a generation that is just extending a trend that has been occurring for decades.

BELL VIEW--Dehumanization: the process by which tribal politics justifies every excess. Donald Trump may be a crook, but he’sour crook in a crooked system. His policies may be cruel, but the cruelty is the point when those people are the victims. After all, they have no inner lives. They exist only to victimize us. 

ALPERN AT LARGE--Credibility, intellectual honesty, and fairness aren't just big things that determine success in life … they're the ONLY things.  So while it's only fair to criticize both our Mayor and City Council when they lack those above qualities, it's also fair to praise them when they do things right.

CORRUPTION WATCH-Although the Orange Buffoon suffers from a couple diagnosable personality disorders with episodes of paranoia, Donald Trump did not cause our problems. If Trump-a-Doodle and his shenanigans should disappear overnight, nothing would change. “The fault, Dear Brutus, is not in our (reality TV) stars, but, in ourselves….”Julius Caesar (I, ii, 140-141). 

BCK FILE--Since the #MeToo movement has taken hold in just about every workplace, from Hollywood and the hospitality industry to the Silicon Valley and government, just about all workplaces have been working to change policies to protect employees and shield employers from costly lawsuits. 

GELFAND’S WORLD-It is interesting that John Paul Stevens, a retired Justice of the Supreme Court, has just published an essay calling for the repeal of the Second Amendment. Just like the fact that the term democratic socialism isn't scary to the younger generation, there are -- suddenly -- a few calls for amending the Constitution in this way. Perhaps the idea doesn't scare the younger generation because the prospect of being murdered during second period English scares them more.

DEEGAN ON CALIFORNIA-Who will be honored? Will it be the beach boy (and girl) surfers, the board boy (and girl) skateboarders or even the snowboarders?Thousands of boys, girls, men and women in California and beyond enjoy all three sports.But which is the most reflective of California andworthy of being named the state’s official sport by the California Legislature? Hint: two of the three (surfing and skateboarding) will debut as Olympic sports at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. 

WATER PITCH IS FROM FANTASYLAND--This time, “Chinatown” is fooling itself.

CAPITAL & MAIN REPORT--Southern California Gas Company (SoCalGas) invented shortages to justify using the troubled Aliso Canyon storage facility, the site of the October 2015 blowout that forced nearby residents from their homes for months, residents and lawmakers have charged. The blowout, caused by a ruptured well, sent more than 100,000 metric tons of natural gas into the atmosphere and resulted in a four-month-long leak.

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