CSU Northridge Eats Lawsuits for Breakfast: Taxpayer Cost for Institutional Racism

PERSPECTIVE--Serious issues are surfacing at California State University, Northridge (CSUN). These issues are reflected in disparities’ that involve civil rights, education, discrimination and employment. An adverse treatment that has a direct impact on members of a particular minority group and the failure to enforce implicit rules that regulate behaviors seem to be non-existent.

Dr. Karin Standford (photo left) , a Political Science Professor at CSUN, stopped teaching in fear of her safety and the safety of her students after receiving a series of threats following an exam that she administered to her class. This exam had questions regarding our current presidential administration and the position that the administration presents with as it relates to the American Interest. The article posted in the Los Angeles Daily News gave details of the events.

Shante Morgan-Durisseau, founder and president of the Black Alumni Association at California State University Northridge, has also experienced adverse treatment. Her allegations involve, racism, and discrimination. A writer for the Sundial, which is CSUN’s campus editorial, interviewed Shante regarding her allegations and pending lawsuit against the university on May 2, 2018. The Sundial requested multiple public records from the university regarding this case and was met with resistance. It appears that CSUN may have a few skeletons in the Matador closet.

A progressive community welcomes diversity. California State University Northridge president Dr. Dianne Harrison presented with convincing goals on how diversity is her focus in building the campus community and making it strong and rich with culture. My question is this, how does diversity and inclusion exist without the inclusion of all?

According to the Center of Institutional Research at CSUN, the number of African American students, staff, faculty, and administrators are practically non-existent. It also appears that CSUN eats lawsuits for breakfast. According to the Sacramento Bee, the CSU system cost the taxpayers of California over 10 million dollars in 2017 paid out to settle lawsuits. 

How does Chancellor White Feel about adding to this overwhelming amount, as well as the CSUN administration potentially tarnishing the pride and prestige of the Matadors? As politics move forward, we will see how our new California Governor addresses the lack of movement on these issues and many more issues concerning diversity, equity, equality and inclusion for all on our California State Campuses.

Diedra Greenaway, MS/MBA

Los Angeles City Budget Advocate

Budget Committee Chair of The Department of Economic and Work Force Development