WHO THOUGHT THIS ONE UP?--Nestled in the AroyoSeco lies Hermon (pop. 3,500), a quaint art deco-infused hamlet that as of April 2017 has the unique distinction of being LA's "tiniest" neighborhood, replete with its own certified neighborhood council.  The first birthed under the city's new NC Sub-Division ordinance promulgated and shepherded by City Councilmember, Jose Huizar, who happens to represent Hermon in his fourteenth district; most likely a coincidence.  Not.

HCNC SUBDIVISION BACKSTORY--Five days before Christmas, the Executive Committee of the Historic Cultural Neighborhood Council (HCNC) was notified a subdivision was being filed and that the application deadline was January 15th.  The next scheduled Board meeting was January 9th.

DONE WATCH-My name is Lawrence Bouett.  I am a stakeholder in the Historic Cultural Neighborhood Council (HCNC) by virtue of the fact that I am an officer in a Solano Canyon-based non-profit corporation called 1866.  My great-great grandfather, Francisco Solano, purchased 87 acres of land in the Stone Quarry Hills from the City of Los Angeles in 1866.  This land was located in and around what was known as Solano Ravine, and with his family, Francisco Solano founded what is now the community of Solano Canyon.  My grandfather was born in Solano Canyon and was one of the first students in the original Solano Avenue Elementary School.  My father grew up in a house on Solano Avenue, and he, too, was a student in the original elementary school, the location of which is now the Solano Canyon Community Garden. 

EASTSIDER-For those of you who have gone to a Neighborhood Council meeting, it’s obvious that they are usually long and boring! Most of the reason for this is the Brown Act, as interpreted by DONE and their secret owner, the Los Angeles City Attorney, and it’s been an exercise in blocking and controlling the NCs without regard to the rule of law. It doesn’t have to be that way. 

The last few of months have been brutal, painful and beyond disheartening.  Knowing this, for Christmas one of my besties sent me a bottle of Traverse City Bourbon.  It seemed apropos I should pull that out and sip a few while I write this. 

DONE WATCH--On a timeline of world history, Democracy itself is but a blip that lights up (and burns out) every now and then.  Greece, Rome, Liberia ...  Weimar Germany, all democracies--some spanning centuries-- that looked good on paper but ultimately fell apart.  Given that, our neighborhood council system is essentially an experiment within an experiment, a trial run that for fifteen years, thousands of volunteers have put their time and energies into "empowering" their communities. 

GELFAND’S WORLD-Last Spring, the city of Los Angeles created a new neighborhood council in the pocket sized area known as Hermon. As numerous people pointed out at the time, the Hermon Neighborhood Council has a resident population of less than 4,000, making it 25 times smaller in population than some neighborhood councils. The problem is that under the city rules, every neighborhood council receives an equal stipend from the city. At the moment, that amounts to $42,000 per year for each of the 97 councils. 

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