Smear Campaign is an Insult to Patty Lopez … and the Voters. Shame on You!

VOICES-(Re CityWatch article ‘When Recall Becomes Necessary’)  It appears that a very well-orchestrated smear campaign has been launched against Assemblywoman Patty Lopez disparaging her ethnic origins, gender, and abilities, while insulting the intelligence of the voters of the 39th Assembly District. All these disrespectful remarks are being callously disseminated one month after the Assemblywoman took office and well before she has commenced her legislative work. 

In fact, the Assembly legislative calendar notes that Assemblymembers have until February 27 to introduce bills. This time frame is provided so that legislators have an opportunity to appropriately research, review and approve legislative proposals that will benefit their district and ultimately, the State of California.

This shameful movement fails to mention that only a person with a dedicated work ethic, honesty, and sincerity can vanquish a well-funded campaign of a prominent political machine. I believe she is the first to accomplish this goal in California politics. Despite this amazing accomplishment, many people want her to fail because of their own selfish interests. 

In contrast, Assemblywoman Lopez is looking beyond herself to catch those who fall through the cracks and be the voice for those that have yet to be heard in Sacramento.

Assemblywoman Lopez understands that the future of California and what is best for the people of the 39th District depends on her success. She is committed to serving the needs of her community without fear of intimidation. Her victory has inspired many and empowered her to serve as an example stating that all people, no matter how humble the origin, have something of benefit to contribute to the legislative process.

(Michael Moncreiff lives in Rancho Tujunga.)








Vol 13 Issue 11

Pub: Feb 6, 2015