Life on LA’s Streets is About to Change

NEIGHBORHOODS LA-The City Council confirmed Seleta Reynolds as general manager of LA Department of Transportation. Reynolds said she wants to make Los Angeles streets safer by making traffic slower, better organized and therefore, more predictable. 

“We want them to (travel) at  human speed so that when people make mistakes, we have a system that forgives, so that those mistakes don’t result in deaths,” Reynolds told the City Council. 

Currently the head of the San Francisco Department of Transportation’s livable streets division, Reynolds was at the center of that city’s push to eliminate traffic deaths in the city by 2024 through signal changes and more bike-friendly infrastructure. 

Meanwhile, the council in L.A. had been railing in recent months against what has been called an epidemic of hit and runs.

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Vol 12 Issue 56

Pub: Jul 11, 2014