Operation American Spring Marchers Ask: Where Are You?

CERDAFIED-Operation American Spring has sprung and participant Jeremy White wants to know when you’re joining him? Over 800,000 bikers across the state will be joining OAS marchers and weekend warriors will swell the crowds, and he is grateful to be one of them. He plans to return as soon as he is able. This march is different than most of the others in as much as they have no intention of quitting until their demands are met. 

He measures the difficulty of the OAS march not by the personal sacrifice, which there was plenty of, but by difficulty of getting the message out.  He said the Law Enforcement Officers were courteous, the participants like extended family, and even the rain couldn’t stop him.  

White’s  Facebook page was suspended for 30 days when he tried to share videos of the OAS event and it  was his most disheartening moment.  His friends list was erased as well. The media blackout is far more telling, in that larger marches have not experienced this.  Live feeds were prevented from a malicious outside source. Articles, pictures, videos posted to Facebook, all had serious glitches, blocks, or repeated disconnects and this was a common experience for everyone, including myself. 

Even as I write this I am wondering will it reach the people? Will they know how important it is to spread the word and share the article before it is scrubbed from the internet? So if you got this copy, save it, share it with everyone as an act of defiance, to keep free speech ALIVE.  (Read the rest … including Lisa’s Jeremy White interview … here.)  






Vol 12 Issue 42

Pub: May 23, 2014