NC Funding Cuts and Other Need-to-Know Budget Info

MAYOR’S BUDGET - Mayor Villaraigosa released his budget for 2012-13 on Friday. He has proposed what is roughly an 8% cut in Neighborhood Council funding … reducing what the NCs would receive from the current $40,500 to $37,000. The NC Budget Advocates recommended an increase to $50,000.

It is interesting to note that in the recent CityWatch poll, LA Pulse, when asked the amount of funding Neighborhood Councils should receive … the option receiving the most votes was “none”. (Link)
City Council Budget Committee meetings on the Mayor’s Budget begin April 27 at 1 p.m. Paul Krekorian chairs this committee which sifts through the Mayor’s proposal for the better part of two weeks. Meetings are public. Neighborhood Councils and stakeholders can attend and speak. (See the schedule here)

In the meantime, the Mayor’s Proposed Budget for next fiscal year is available to all (link) … along with a considerable number of opinions on the subject.

_ The City Maven-“Layoffs, Increased Retirement Age and More”
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_ CityWatch … check front page and Recently Posted section. Commentary by CityWatch columnists and contributors: Jack Humphreville, Joseph Mailander, Ken Alpern, Paul Hatfield, Cary Brazeman, Lisa Cerda.


Vol 10 Issue 33
Pub: Apr 24, 2012