CityWatch Today: Mean What You Say

HOW LA GETS AROUND—Like they say, ‘Say what you mean and mean what you say’. A lesson LA has yet to learn. 

There’s much talk in the City of Angels about density … building near transportation … getting folks out of their cars and onto the subway or bus. But new transit stats poke a hole in that hot air balloon. 

There are more Angelenos driving alone and clogging up the freeways and streets than ever. And, it has become nearly impossible to get from here to there in LA without having to navigate a detour or traffic jam or both. Yet, between the politicians and the media we hear little but praise for LA’s quarter century old rail system. Little about its slipping ridership. 

Wendell Cox writes … in Today’s CityWatch despite more than $15 billion being spent on rail transit the already meager levels of transit commuting in the city have fallen further, while solo driving has risen to an all time high. Unless platitudes are more important than results, rail’s success is a false narrative.” 

Find the truth about today’s transpo in LA. Let me know what you think … especially those of you still driving alone. 


Also in CityWatch Today: The elephant in the City budget discussion is pensions, 20% of LA’s city budget … Jack Humphreville reports. No one seems to know … or is willing to say … where and how the $1.2 Billion you approved when you voted for the homeless funding Prop HHH … The Preven Report breaks it down. Tim Deegan calls the Ellis Act ‘one of the City’s underpublicized scandals’ and Daniel Guss tells the story of LA ‘losing millions of dollars … knowingly.’ 

It’s all in Today’s CityWatch. Check it out. Let me know how you see it. We’re listening.

Ken Draper-Editor, CityWatch

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