Editor’s Memo: Media … No Love, No Surprise

CITYWATCH TODAY—Millions of people in more than 600 cities around the world marched for science on Saturday. Even in Greenland. Even in LA. 50,000 at Pershing Square in Los Angeles we’re told. But, if you were counting on LA media … at a time when the resistance movement is burgeoning … to report the story you, were shamefully out of luck. It barely made the cut. 

On Channel 7 on Saturday night the LA Science March was squeezed in somewhere near mid newscast … following an assortment of car crashes and shootings. On Sunday a.m. the Times promoted the March on the front page but posted the story in an inside section and opted for “Chinese Money Pouring into a Quiet Wine Region” and “India Sets Up a Roadblock to its ‘VIP Culture’” coverage on the front page instead. 

Science. Resistance. Protest. 50,000 Angelenos. Ah. No story here. Anyone surprised that media popularity ranks right there with the Trumpster and Congress? 

Get the March for Science story in Today’s CityWatch. Bob Gelfand, Jennifer Caldwell and Kenneth Alpern offer perspectives.  

Twenty-five years ago a Simi jury let the cops who beat up on Rodney King off the hook and LA caught fire. Literally. Earl Ofari Hutchinson tours South LA and asks why … all these years later … the burned out lots are still bare. 

Also in South LA, another neighborhood council joins numerous other community groups in demanding control over the sale of liquor in their neighborhoods. 

All of that and more … in Today’s CityWatch. Check it out. Let me know what you think.


Ken Draper-Editor, CityWatch

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