Editor’s Memo: Unbelievable

CITYWATCH TODAY—CityWatch readers couldn’t get enough of Patrick Range McDonald’s piece on the ‘redirecting’ of homeless funds to other projects with trick names. More than 600,000 hits as I write this. Most common response was “unbelievable”! 

David Bell picks the story up and provides another perspective … ‘How Do LA’s Rich Get Richer’ … in Today’s CityWatch. The reader responses provided another theme. Lack of surprise. No one in this new political culture it seems is surprised by City Hall’s lack of transparency and dishonesty. As the president would say, ‘how sad’! 

Also unbelievable … the Bill O’Reilly circus. Not the firing, not the advertiser exodus, not Foxes cave-in to public outcry. That it took two decades for Fox to respond to harassment claims and come to grips with their internal … but public … crisis. Unfortunately Fox is but one example of an epidemic in our country. The resistance cannot stop. The education cannot stop. Your commitment and engagement cannot stop. The fight for human rights, for equality, for the preservation of democracy … is not a spectator sport. 


Ken Draper-Editor, CityWatch

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