RESISTANCE WATCH--It’s been over seven months since the Women’s March -- and those of us who are in the trenches on the frontline or even on social media have not had one moment of respite. 

We’ve gotten through all those texts, emails, and phone calls to save healthcare, at least for the time-being. We’ve watched a revolving door of White House staff depart due to resignation, firings, or a mash-up of both. We’ve witnessed egregious displays of white supremacist violence as unhooded KKK members and neo-Nazis borrowed phrases from the Third Reich. We’ve heard people defend statues honoring those who aimed to destroy the Union in order to maintain slavery in the southern states. 

Our president gave a lukewarm at best assessment of the events in Charlottesville -- which he believed could be attributed to “many sides.” The 45th president is continuing on his path to roll back any Obama accomplishments -- including Trump’s EO on banning transgender soldiers from military service. 

As sort of a cherry on the white supremacist cake, Trump pardoned Arizona’s lawless racist sheriff Joe Arpaio this past weekend. The president claimed Arpaio was “doing his job” -- profiling those he suspected were undocumented for arrest and abuse, using resources to investigate journalists and scouring Hawaii for President Obama’s birth certificate probably aren’t listed in the job description. 

And it’s far from over. As long as the president fires off missives by Twitter and his administration pursues policies that strip human rights, destroy the environment, or attempt to rule by revenge, we’ll continue our collective fight. We aren’t going anywhere. 

Here’s How Some of the Resistance is Going Down 

AUG 28--Across the country, a group of community members, clergy, and students are planning a 10-day 112-mile walk from Charlottesville to the Capitol, beginning at Charlottesville’s Emancipation Park that began August 28. 

The group will stop at Confederate monuments along the route -- to address the protest by white supremacists and Neo-Nazis, in part over the removal of a statue of General Robert E. Lee. Throughout the United States, thousands have attended demonstrations to stand up to hate groups, including the Alt-Right is Not Alright rally held last week in Venice. 

This past Saturday, thousands gathered in San Francisco following a movement to stop Patriot Prayer from holding a rally in the city’s Crissy Field. The conservative group defends First Amendment rights and has denounced white supremacists, as well as Neo-Nazis. However, events in the Pacific Northwest have attracted hate groups and ended in violent street battles. Some members of Patriot Prayer did show up at the counter-protest along with leader Joey Gibson. The groups did not face in physical confrontation. 

Mike Pence Los Angeles Fundraiser Protest Rally 

SEPT 14--Resist groups in Los Angeles, Orange, and Ventura counties will gather at The Beverly Hilton at 5 pm on September 14. 

Vice President Mike Pence and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Bakersfield) will be hosting a number of high-dollar fundraisers in the state next month to benefit California Victory 2018, a joint fundraising committee that benefits both Pence’s and McCarthy’s PACs, the National Republican Congressional Committee, and the congressional campaign accounts of McCarthy, Darrel Issa (Vista),, Dana Rohrbacher (Cosa Mesa), Mimi Walter (Irvine), Ed Royce (Fullerton), Steve Knight (Palmdale), David Valadao (Hanford), and Jeff Denham (Turlock). 

The pair will headline a reception and dinner at the Beverly Hills hotel on the 14th, followed by a breakfast in Bakersfield, a luncheon in Newport Beach and a reception/dinner in Sacramento the following day. 

According to invitations procured by the Los Angeles Times, donor levels range from $2,700 is for admission to the cocktail party to $100,000 for a Co-Chair title, as well as admission to a cocktail reception, photo, private roundtable, and dinner for two. 

For more information on the protest, visit the Facebook Event Page. 

(Beth Cone Kramer is a Los Angeles writer and a CityWatch columnist.)