CRUMBLING DICTATORSHIP-The shocking defeat of GOP Senator hopeful Roy Moore may not spell the end of Trumpism, but you can see it from there. The president’s unconventional peasant rebellion has now reached its high-water market, with a countervailing tide threatening to inundate an increasingly vulnerable GOP.

DEC 28 DEADLINE IS KEY--Remember the classic Jack Nicholson line: “[The truth?] You can’t handle the truth!” from the movie, “A Few Good Men”? It’s often recalled as a courtroom-cinematic highlight, but it’s also symbolic. It shows that, perhaps with the best of intentions, institutions can take strange paths to try and achieve altruistic outcomes.

YOU’RE NOT GONNA LIKE THE WAY THIS LOOKS-The tax bill currently set for a final vote in Congress will be a disaster for millions of hard-working American families.

NET NEUTRALITY UNDONE-The five-member Federal Communications Commission has voted three to two to repeal net neutrality regulations. 

CONSPIRACY THEORIES GALORE-Two days ago I happened to write an article about the amazingly stupid conspiracy theory that the Green Party, which has run a presidential candidate every election since 1996, ran a presidential candidate in 2016 because of a Russian plot to sabotage American democracy. Today, Buzzfeed News reports that the Senate Intelligence Committee has asked Jill Stein’s campaign to comply with a document search.

CORRUPTION WATCH-The Davos Set (the 1%ers) are gunning for Net Neutrality and Bitcoin. Net Neutrality is falling away and Bitcoin is next. The popularity of both are related to the American belief in our inalienable rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  

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