IN SEARCH OF HOPE--Nearly a century ago, Mohandas Gandhi started a new publication to share his vision of nonviolent organizing, filling it with inspiring quotations and political insights. He titled the journal Young India, to indicate that its teachings were intended to help the people plan for eventual independence, fusing the methods of building a movement with those required to begin (re)building a nation. Gandhi saw the means and ends as interconnected, and reflected this in his personal practices and societal aspirations.

TRUMP WATCH-It’s common knowledge that if you are forced to listed to Trump’s rhetoric, he will always tell you what he is guilty of because he makes accusations of others of what he himself has done. This was apparent early on during the campaign as he accused Hillary Clinton of being involved in so many weird situations that we assumed he was simply nuts. 

TWO STATE SOLUTION IN DOUBT-The United States has been and remains the staunchest supporter of Israel, and its unqualified support will cause significant damage to Israel’s future wellbeing. The United States’ continued political, military and economic backing has enabled Israel in the past to maintain the occupation and create new political and physical conditions in the West Bank that have severely undermined, if not destroyed, the prospect of a two-state solution.

SQUEEZING THE WORKER-When we give someone a tip, we expect the money will go to the workers who provided us with service. We might leave a little extra because someone went above and beyond for us. Or because we want that person to have a slightly easier time getting by. Whatever the circumstance, we trust that the money will help the workers who served us. 

TRUTH WATCH-This is one of the most important questions of our time. As we continue to be horrified at the daily onslaught of conservative Republican and Trump blatant disregard of both law and the people, we need to establish a firm concept of who and what we want to represent our forward-thinking views. 

BIZ POLITICS--Growing tension between California and the federal government over immigration has business owners in the crosshairs, worried about the potential effect on their enterprises and unsure which laws they should follow. 

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