CORRUPTION WATCH-During the last election, Russia’s job was to screw with America. Cambridge Analytica’s business model was to data mine the www for memes in order to package and sell them to political campaigns. The job of Americans was to be educated. Two of these entities did their job while the last one failed miserably. 

MY TURN--While dating has always been an “iffy” condition, in today’s world of “hooking up”, interest in an individual’s political affiliation has become a priority.

D.C. DISPATCH-Vladimir Putin must be a very happy man. He has a lot to be thankful for: a new term as Russian President is secure; his image as a swashbuckling, anti-Western superhero is cemented; his success in confusing the American electorate to the point that it no longer has a baseline definition of truth; and his former spooks and enemies are tending to “retire” early. 

BCK FILE--Before Donald Trump ran for president, he was best known by many Americans as a reality star on The Apprentice. Since taking office, he’s issued his catch phrase or received resignations from over 40 administration officials as of Friday when he fired FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe. 

ALT-RIGHT POLITICS-The Southern Poverty Law Center has issued a full retraction and apology for a bizarre screed it published last week lumping anti-war leftists in with fascists and Nazis. As of this writing, two other articles by the same author, Alexander Reid Ross, have also been pulled by the Southern Poverty Law Center “pending further review.” 

GELFAND’S WORLD--The difference between Richard Nixon and Donald Trump is that Nixon at least had pretensions about being an intellectual and had one or two serious ideas about foreign policy. 

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