Unreleased JFK Documents Will Indict People Not Agencies

EXPOSING THE WHYS-The JFK assassination is America's last unspeakable secret. To confess what really happened in Dallas that day is to admit that the whole goddamn thing is made up out of thin air.

Yes, I meant to say the whole goddamn thing. The government can't be trusted. Can your neighbor be trusted? Can you be trusted? Your neighbor is the government. You are the government. Is there something sacred and above the law about your neighbors? Are you always so sacred and above the law? 

That's the myth JFK's murder blows out of the water. Who cares if it was the FBI, the CIA, the Secret Service, or the United States Army that conspired to take him out? The bottom line is that the government is made up of people who do terrible things. In the end, all crime is local. Someone gets robbed. Someone gets hit. Someone has their dignity taken from them. Someone does something to someone else that they shouldn't have done. There is no such thing as the government doing anything to anyone. The government does not exist.  

If anything, the JFK murder proves that no one is above the law enough to be safe from people's malice, stupidity and insanity. 

People are capable of doing the most incredibly stupid things imaginable. People will even detonate a nuclear weapon over the same ocean where they fish for food. People will burn the same oxygen that they breathe with chemicals such as napalm. People will even do this in the name of sanitation. People are stupid. People will do almost anything to shock themselves into believing that they are not capable of doing shocking things. People are beyond stupid. People will even kill a president just to avoid having him pull out of a war. Just for wanting to save millions of human lives, billions of tax dollars, and the future of democracy itself, a president can be blasted in the head. Just for wanting to bring peace to the world, his brain can be splattered all over the Dallas highway. 

The unreleased JFK documents set to be disclosed in a few days will continue to show that President Kennedy was not killed by his government. President Kennedy was killed by people. JFK was assassinated by people who were working for people. 

Releasing the 23,000 remaining files on the JFK assassination is a matter of unveiling the people who committed this crime. By doing so, it will become clearer to all Americans that there is nothing special or unique about agencies such as the FBI or CIA. The truth is that these agencies are made up of people. Some of those people defended Kennedy with every breath of their existence and some of them conspired to bring his life to a crashing halt. It is not an agency that orders a crime. It is the crime of the agency that it forgets that it is made up of people who serve other people. 

We know that whoever killed President Kennedy did not do so as an agency. They did it for an agency, with an agency, and because of an agency. They did it because they believed in the power of an agency. It was not the agency that did it. This is essentially important to remember when pointing fingers. Even 55 years won't make the guilt disappear. A thousand years won't make the guilt go away. There is a type of guilt that cannot be erased by time. 


(George Cassidy Payne is a freelance writer, adjunct humanities instructor at Finger Lakes Community College, and a domestic violence counselor. He lives and works in Rochester, NY.) Prepped for CityWatch by Linda Abrams.